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The target of the project   “ReActive for Synthetic Blood” is to supply two formulations of synthetic blood to Politecnico di Milano in the framework of the COVID-19 emergency.




The project “R4SB – ReActive for Synthetic Blood” was born few days after the beginning of the POLIMASK program started from Politecnico di Milano and Regione Lombardia during the first phase of the Covid-19 emergency. The program POLIMASK had the target of creating a local supply chain (national and regional) for the supply of surgical masks, FFP2 / FFP3 half-face masks, protective coats and other medical devices.

In this framework, Politecnico di Milano was involved in the experimental characterization of materials proposed by the industry for the production of masks and protective clothes. In few days, four departments of the Politecnico di Milano designed and implemented a complete series of tests and related experimental set-up compliant with the current standards. The materials have been tested in terms of differential pressure, particle filtration efficiency (PFE), bacterial filtratione efficiency (BFE) and blood splash resistance.

ReActive – Powder Technology has been involved in the design and production of the synthetic blood for the splash test. Two synthetic bloods have been designed: one for the splash test of surgical masks, and one for the test of protecting clothing.

Toghether with the Space Propulsion Laboratory (SPLab) of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), a machine capable to perform the splash test as described by the ISO 22609:2004 standard has been implemented.

During the first Covid-19 wave, the project was focused non only on the prodution of the synthetic blood, but also to development of other body fluid simulants. During the “first wave” of the Covid-19, several companies helped us supplying chemicals and materials difficult to find during the lockdown. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of them.


Depending on the specific product:

  • test for the certification of TYPE IIR surgical masks – resistance of medical face masks to penetration by a splash of synthetic blood (ISO 14683 / ISO 22609)
  • test for the certification of Tprotective clothing – resistance of clothing materials to blood and body fluids (ISO 14126 / ISO 16603)


Department of Aerospace Science and Technology

Politecnico di Milano

Space Propulsion Laboratory

Politecnico di Milano

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