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Thanks to the heritage acquired in more than 40 years of academic research, ReActive – Powder Technology is capable to offer consultancy and services in several fields. Powder characterization, industrial issues due to disperse systems, raw material quality and supplier change do not represent a problem anymore.


Services for Industries 

When using disperse systems at industrial level, several problems may arise. Small changes in the powder characteristics may imply reduced production rates, safety issues and lower quality of the final product. The ReActive – Powder Technology team can find out the problem and the causes of costumer’s powder related issues, leading the client toward the final solution.

Problems require a solution... through understanding!

The ReActive – Powder Technology team provides comprehensive services that are not limited to the filing of a technical report describing the problem and the solution. Our analysis methods and the consultancy protocols have been developed through years to lead the costumer to the comprehension of the problem, thus providing today’s solution and tomorrow’s prevention of its causes.

1 - Problem
2 - Cause

Do not wait for a damage... fix problems definitively!

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ReActive – Powder Technology team is composed by engineers with technical background in the aerospace field and in the industry of energetic materials. In these applications the quality of the materials is crucial. Uniformity of different production batches, and of the key characteristics of products when producers are changed are of high importance for the satisfaction of tight requirements.

Independently from the field, quality control is of fundamental importance for companies. Starting from the aerospace field expertise, we developed our powder analysis skills to identify also small changes in the whole material life-cycle (pre- and post-production, transport, storage and recycling). This enables us to assist our costumers to identify new suppliers without time- and money-losses. Our activities are focused on product quality and production efficiency.

Finding new suppliers has never been so SIMPLE

ReActive – Powder Technology brings to the costumers a 40-year heritage in the aerospace field. We use analysis procedures developed studying the details of powder behavior, and selecting the best partners for specific analyses. We provide our costumers with all the relevant data on the used powders (and on those that could be used, based on the client needs and requirements).


Powder Safety 

Safety is a primal concern when operating with powders, in particular if new ingredients or compositions are introduced. Possible risks include ingredient toxicity, and creation of flammable or exploding particle dusts.

The ReActive team assists costumers in the assessment of the reactivity of powders. Risks due to disperse systems are identified by procedures and methods developed thanks to the academic work on the characterization and use of energetic materials.


Material Characterization Services 

ReActive – Powder Technology offers a wide range of material characterization techniques for powders and non-dispersed systems. The offered services make ReActive a solid partner for costumers requiring material properties enquiry.

Our team offers you detailed reports providing you all the relevant results and discussions, and not only a simple presentation of the findings. Reports by ReActive can be written in English, and (when needed) in other languages.

Theimplemented techniques and methods of analysis are based on a 40-year experience. The pursuit of high quality standards is reflected in the selection of our partners. Our aim is to provide the costumer the best characterization of the used materials.

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