& Innovation


Research and innovation are part of the DNA of ReActive – Powder Technology. Thanks to our experience, we are able to develop highly innovative, safe powders with very peculiar characteristics. We can help you to integrate these new materials, whether nano-sized or activated powders, within any production cycle, minimizing problems.


We believe very much in our materials!


We believe so much in our powders that constantly develop new products based on them. We do not just provide you with possible uses of our materials, but we tests the powders by engineering high-tech products based on them!


Research & Development of Innovative Powders 

Thanks to the experience acquired in the academic field, the ReActive – Powder Technology team has developed a strong attention for the development of new materials. The company technology allows changing the process parameters to offer powders with ad hoc characteristics based on customers’ needs.


We develop and test the product together with you!


It is not possible to do research without knowing the needs of the industry, but you can’t really innovate if you do not look at the latest technologies! Coming from the academic world, we know well the wall separating industry and research. This is the reason why the Spin-Off develops its powders in close contact with the customer! Tosolve the needs of companies by offering cutting-edge technologies able to guarantee a real competitive advantage!


Integration of Innovative Powders into Production Cycles 

When dealing with a new raw material, one of the biggest problems is to integrate it into already consolidated production processes. This happens because the new material has different characteristics compared to the standard being replaced, so that some changes are required in terms of management and use.

The ReActive – Powder Technology team also assists you in this step, thus guaranteeing not only the possibility of searching for new powders, but also of integrating them into the company production in the most efficient and best way possible.


Do you necessarily need nanopowders? 

No problem!


The ReActive – Powder Technology team knows how to manage this type of materials and can provide support in their integration into the company’s manufacturing process. There are many solutions that allow the use of nanopowders. Together with you, we study the best one for your company!


You do not know where to buy nanometric powders? 

We can also help you with this!


ReActive – Powder Technology specializes in high and low energy mechanical activation, but the company also wants to provide customers with access to nano-sized materials. For this reason, we are going to consolidate an agreement with one of the nano-sized powders largest manufacturers in the world with the aim of being able to supply this type of material as well.


Engineering of Powder-based Product 

In addition to research, development and production of activated powders, ReActive – Powder Technology is able to develop products and devices that exploit the peculiarities of these new ingredients. Pastes and suspension are two examples. Currently, four projects that are exploiting the potential of the new ReActive – Powder Technology powders are in the process of self-financing: two devices and two products loaded with activated particles.


We believe very much in our materials!


This approach allows us not only to give a fast application to the materials produced, but also to show you how much we believe in the characteristics and potential of these ingredients.


We are the perfect partner for your projects!


Academic experience allows us to entirely manage different kinds of projects, supporting customers even in research projects that require the engineering of devices.