Activated Powders

Mechanically activated powders feature higher performance with respect to their standard counterpart, contemporary keeping the micrometric size. Activated materials are easier to handle than nano-sized powders featuring, at the same time, similar performance. ReActive – Powder Technology is able to apply the novel proprietary NHEMA technology for the production of several products. The powders can be applied in various fields: from defense to hydrogen production.

The NHEMA process can be ececuted with three intensity levels to guarantee the highest performance. For this reason, three basic processes have been introduced:

  • NHEMA-Plus
  • NHEMA-Ultra

The process choice is related to the specific needs of the customer because the activation intensity determines the exact final “performance compromise”. This is the reason for which ReActive – Powder Technology does not propose a simple list of powders, but it offers a general overview of basic compositions with their corresponding suggested application(s), to be optimized with the customer. The basic proposed formulations are already suitable for the suggested application(s) and they can be used “as are”.


Each lot of material is tested before the packaging to guarantee its granulometry, composition, metal content, and, if necessary, the ignition temperature. Other characteristics can be monitored upon customer requests or when requested looking at the product final application.

All the materials are packed in inert environment to preserve the powder properties. All the materials are shipped in UN certified packaging with certificate of analysis, instructions for use and preservation as well as with the safety data sheet (SDS).

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The ReActive – Powder Technology team is at disposal also for the development of new powders to be produced with standard mechanical activation processes or by NHEMA. Our team will put its academic and industrial experience at customer disposal.

To obtain a free quotation, to optimize a formulation or to have general info VISIT THE "CONTACT US" PAGE